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What if there was a pill you could take everyday, that guaranteed no matter what circumstances you encounter that day, no matter what curve balls life throws at you — you would feel joyful and happy to be alive.

And lets say this Happiness Cure — was very inexpensive — almost free, but there is one caveat. You must do take it — each and every day — no matter what. Even if you wake up depressed, are in the middle of a divorce. Lost all your money. Have no job. No matter what happens TO YOU… you are going to do this one simple thing — until it knocks the depression out of you. Allowing you to perform at your best and feeling uplifted no matter what happens.

Sounds like a commercial for a pharmaceutical company. Compelling though isn’t it? The idea that you could take a pill once a day and feel great about your life? This very idea is what pushes both the legal and illegal drug industry and its huge.. hundreds of billions of dollars spent by people to get out of pain every day, and well — feel happy.

I should tell you right up front… what I am about to share with you…is not Xanax, or an opiate, or the blue pill in the Matrix movies (remember the red pill wakes you up from your slavery energy pod) — or even the Soma happiness pill in Huxley’s — Brave New World. Its not really a pill at all and in fact is much more powerful. And it is certainly habit forming — in a good way.

The Happiness Cure is a way of thinking — a way of operating your life that will move you out of depression and give you control daily over whether you experience happiness or not.

A little-known reality that most all of us overlook… is that Happiness is a choice. It’s not something that is imposed on you externally.. this is a mistake in our thinking. The “I will be happy when” mind block. IF I HAVE this …fill in your blank.. then I will be happy. You know — you do it. You put conditions around the ‘happiness feeling’… and say to yourself.. when I get the raise I need I will be happy. When I lose the weight — I will be happy.. When I.. If I .. and so on.

This is the trap everyone falls into… and it actually not only prevents you from living fully in joy and happiness right now — no matter what externally is going on around you.. but by making it conditional… you are actually creating a negative aspect of the law of attraction — that makes whatever your condition to becoming happy is — even harder to achieve.. If you want more insight on that little twist — I recommend you watch the ‘Law of Attraction series’ where I go over that aspect in great detail and show you how to rewire your thinking to not only get what you want… but be happy in the process.

So then what is the solution?… Well it may sound about as trite as the happiness pill idea… but it is the truth. You force yourself to be happy first.. without conditions. You decide to be happy….

How do you do that?

Well I’ve studied happy people and I asked them. You know what they all say? Things like… when I’m feeling down — I go for a walk. I sing to myself my favorite song… I play music and dance… I make a wonderful meal for my family. I go shopping.

What they all have in common is — motion. Energy in motion is the word e-motion. They take action. They move on to something that pulls them out of the sadness or depressed moment. All happy people NEVER dwell on it.. They change things up.

Now people who are clinically depressed and have brain chemistry issues, may need more than that… but I guarantee for all of us — just doing these 2 simple things will make a huge difference in your life.

1) Decide to be happy — no matter what your circumstances are. Choose happiness. It really can be simple as making the choice.

2) Get in motion — do something, go for a hike, ride your bike, play golf, get in the car and change your surroundings.

Do this simple mental trick.

When you catch yourself saying — I feel down today… I am depressed and not happy with my life. Those may be your thoughts or words in the moment, but your action is — I chose happiness. Say it — I choose happiness… And then immediately take action — in motion

Dwelling on anything is a bad idea, but the trick here is that the mind creates the negative emotion and then feeds it.. and it turns into a spiral — the counter weight is forward motion of your physical body which kicks in those feel-good brain chemicals along with shifting focus, that immediately changes perspective.

You are tricking your mind, with your body and that kick-starts things and automatically sometimes within minutes… changes perspective.

As for fearful thinking about what’s going to happen to you tomorrow that causes unhappiness today… In another episode called “Transform Fear into Power” I will give you a solution and some tools on how to turn off the worry and fearful thinking about the future, that is the source of a lot of anxiety and unhappiness. Knowing how to transform fear and operating your life with power.

For now use this happiness cure.. by knowing that — The secret of happiness is a choice that you can say yes to every day.. And if unhappiness creeps into your mind… you know to leave it in the dust.

By being in-motion and kickstarting your happiness e-motion.

Here is the video.

Life is going to happen — no matter what you do. Why not enjoy it to the max.

Successfully yours,

Dane Spotts

To read more about ZYGON, my work over the last 40 years and how these mind tools are transforming millions visit the ZYGON website

To access dozens of videos on mind development and human potential visit my You-Tube channel

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Article By Dane Spotts | THE HAPPINESS CURE

To read more about ZYGON, my work over the last 40 years and how these mind tools are transforming millions visit the ZYGON website

To access dozens of videos on mind development and human potential visit my You-Tube channel

Or just download the ZYGON MIND POWER APP and get everything…

Once we realize how powerful our minds are and what we are capable of as human beings our true destiny will unfold. The Earth will get a new skin. I believe the human adventure is just beginning. – Dane