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Meditation. What is it really? Why has it been pursued by every religious practice since the beginning of time? Mystics and Monks and those seeking a path of enlightenment use meditation as a tool to access the transcendent. To touch God.


Meditation Secrets - Access Higher States of Consciousness
Meditation Secrets – Access Higher States of Consciousness

Meditation Secrets reveals the truth about the purpose of meditation.

 In modern times — most in western cultures think it’s just about stress reduction and healthy living. And it certainly is a useful tool for healing the diseases of modern living. But there is something much deeper and more profound that just stress management.

In the next few minutes, we’re going to look at the real purpose behind meditation and explore a high-tech solution to meditation developed by Zygon that allows you to manipulate the energies of consciousness and accelerate your personal evolution at the push of a button.

Let’s delve into the secrets of meditation and how to apply it to unleash your powers of mind and experience how it works on this video.

Watch This Video For a Demonstration of a New Way To Meditate Using Sound Frequencies To Alter Consciousness

A Brief History of Meditation

No one knows exactly how it began, but archeologists and scholars agree that its beginnings were about 5000 years ago. I tend to believe it’s much older and was always a part of the human experience and even Neanderthals practiced it.

Meditation practices and techniques that were written down are found in Vedic records from India around which referenced “training of the mind” and in China writings from the 3rd and 6th century BC such as Bao Yi — translated as “embracing the one” and “Bao Pu” meaning embracing simplicity. Before these texts the practice had been passed orally through story-telling.

There are many references across different cultures and history including all the religions including Judaism, Islam and Christianity which all had meditative like practices and still do today.

Who invented or (discovered it) doesn’t really matter. What is more relevant is how and why it has endured? There were key individuals who made it popular and spread its importance among those seeking spiritual guidance. Siddhartha Gautama — the Buddha as he is known. Lao Tzu the ancient Chinese philosopher whose teachings created Taoism, Dosho the Japanese monk who created Zazen.

The various techniques and practices are many, and today in the West — modern world practitioners who join yoga studios and take classes in Stress Management — have mostly lost the real purpose and truth behind why people for thousands of years have pursued it.

Interest in Meditation in the West began in the 1700’s when eastern spiritual texts were translated like the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Buddhist Sutras. In the 20th Century especially in the United States it became popular when eastern gurus and mystics brought it from the east and began teaching it. Transcendental Meditation was one of these which was very popular when celebrities like the Beatles embraced it — and suddenly it became a fad in the 60’s and 70’s. When it hit the West — meditation became more removed from its spiritual roots and teachings and was taught in more westernized ways. It was studied and shown to have dramatic impacts on health and wellness and that western paradigm of meditation has prevailed.

In the 90’s it was further popularized with books (show flashes of books and magazines) and meditation programs. Zygon was one of these and sold over a million meditation tapes in the early 90s. By the late 90’s the term “mindfulness” took hold and was used by therapists and yoga studios to promote this not so new idea of the benefits of meditation.

Meditation Secrets | How Exactly Does It Work?

Regardless of the technique — The process is simple to understand. In transcendental meditation you are given a mantra — which is a word or phrase to focus on. It might be the word ‘one’ — for example. you close your eyes — maintain a straight spine, take deep steady breaths and focus on your manta… saying it over and over in your mind or even outload… the thoughts that come into your mind during the process are “let go” and as they pass thru you, and your attention is then driven inward. You do this twice a day for about 15 minutes. Though repetition and practice it brings you a state of calmness and relaxation and eventually puts you into an altered mind state where there are no thoughts, and you’ve reached that perfect still mind and blissful feeling of now. Other techniques focus on your breathing, or some with eyes open — your focus on a specific object.

The goal is the same no matter what practice you use — to quiet the mind and drive attention inward

The objective is the same for all the various methods and that is to stop the chattering monkey mind from thinking and focusing the mind on the present moment. There are different flavors of how to achieve this mental state but they all have in common this one thing. Shift focus. Drive attention inward. Still the mind from its need to think. The chattering monkey mind as its called.

What’s The Big Deal?

What’s the big deal? Why are humans so interested in doing it. Turning their attention inward and altering their consciousness. What’s the pay-off?

In addition to the immediate benefits of calm and relaxation, there are a ton of studies that reveal the long-term positive benefits of reducing stress, anxiety and depression. But remember earlier when I alluded to the western way of thinking about this… and how in the 70’s it became more about the health benefits when the real purpose got kind of ignored.

What Is That Purpose?

The purpose of meditation is you are training your mind — to drive your attention inward and create a state of pure consciousness. What is that — pure consciousness? It’s a state where space time becomes temporarily suspended. You experience what’s been called the ‘eternal moment’ And in that moment — you are witness to a greater awareness and make a connection with the universe… Why? To access knowledge and achieve enlightened awareness. This is what the Shaman of ancient peoples do, this is what the monks and yogis were doing sitting in a cave for 20 years staring at a candle and doing that ooohmmm thing.

It is this state of enlightened awareness that the meditator seeks, which opens the mind to unlimited knowledge…and access to a personal power that cannot be achieved in any other way.

This state…this place of being… has been called by many names in the traditions… Samadhi is the ultimate state you are trying to achieve. That perfect state of transcendence where you are witness to your own consciousness.

When it happens… you will know it. It’s like sticking your tongue into a light socket. It’s like you have separated from your body and are experiencing an entirely new reality… here is how one person described it as they were going through a kundalini experience.

And what happens to you when you reach this state — when you are not meditating. For some it sticks, and they are locked in a semi state of high awareness permanently. This is what all the monks and people who spend years practicing are trying to achieve. Most who do this are just on the boundaries of that…and need to meditate constantly to stay in that space of pure consciousness.

What happens when you do? The external world takes on a new color and meaning — and you’ll feel more alive than you ever have in your life. This is that feeling of transcendence. Immediately opens you up to new things and creates a new mind — which allows you to see a new reality.

A new mind…sees differently and operates differently in the normal world. You are in a state of hyper awareness for everything that is happening but feeling detached from it. Increased sensory acuity — being able to see better, hear better and smell better. Everything is better. Even enhanced psi and intuitive functioning. Some even experience telepathic and telekinetic abilities. OBEs and pre-cognitive experiences. Why? Because your consciousness is expanded, and you have opened a channel into the universe. A perfect unbroken awareness within your reality that gives you a subtle personal power almost like a Star Wars — jedi knight.

Calmness, enhanced health and relaxed personal power are nice, but these are mere side benefits to the main attraction. Evolving consciousness is the goal. When you connect at such a deep level with the inner source of your being you experience a leap in personal consciousness. That intuitive part of you has the answers to all the questions. Things like — what should I do with my life? What is the purpose of the universe and how do I fit in? How can I become the best ME that I can be. You have command of all that and things are clear.

Meditation | What Happens When You Do This?

The purpose is to retrain your mind and create a state of hyper-awareness for everything that is happening within your immediate reality, exactly as it is happening and exactly how it happens. Through Vipassana Meditation you are seeking to create perfect, unbroken awareness with your reality (Pandita, 2018).

That’s the real purpose of meditation. The goal? To access knowledge and reach that state of pure consciousness and bliss. It can take a lifetime to achieve using traditional methods, and most never reach it. There is a way to accelerate the process… so you don’t have to sit in a cave and stare at a candle for 20 years.


In this video we are going to do an experiment and hook you into an Ultra-Meditation experience for 10 minutes so you can experience first hand what it feels like to alter consciousness using this new audio technology that shifts your brainwave patterns automatically and puts you into that deep meditative state. 

The western world with its hurry-worry lifestyle has finally embraced Meditation as a tool to heal from the dis-ease and the emotional emptiness of modern civilization, but for most people — they still don’t understand its more powerful underlying purpose, and how by using tools like Ultra-Meditation they are able to awaken amazing self-realizations that lead to a more fulfilled and meaningful life.

I hope your experience doing this brief meditation demo has opened some doors of your thinking and that you had an opportunity to experience a powerful mind tool that will act as a gateway to transform how you operate in the world.

If you like it and want more, I encourage you to take a look at all the ZYGON mind tools and find what works best for you.

Join me on the quest, won’t you?

Successfully yours,

Dane Spotts

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To read more about ZYGON, my work over the last 40 years and how these mind tools are transforming millions visit the ZYGON website

To access dozens of videos on mind development and human potential visit my You-Tube channel

Or just download the ZYGON MIND POWER APP and get everything…

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