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In this article Dane presents his video that showcases how the universe might end.


In this report I will share with you a discovery that you may not know about. Something significant, that will not only change everything we know about our universe — but also has the potential to unlock the power of unlimited energy, open a portal into other dimensions, journey throughout the galaxy, even travel through time.

It’s called the God Particle.

Image of The God Particle

The Secret That Started The Universe…Could Destroy It. WATCH THIS VIDEO or read the full article below.


It was just a theory up until 2012 when it was proven to exist. According to late physicist Stephen Hawking… unleashing its power could destroy the very universe itself. What is the God particle?

It used to be the stuff of science fiction writers and theoretical physicists… but no more. It’s real.

It is the most expensive and complex machine ever devised by mankind. the Large Hadron Collider at Cern in Switzerland, a 17 Mile Long tunnel buried 300 feet beneath the ground near the city of Geneva. This tunnel is cooled to temperatures colder than deep space and fitted with thousands of huge magnets that accelerate particles to near the speed of light. It then smashes them together in order to break apart the nuclei to release the subatomic secrets of how the universe is constructed.

By re-creating the big bang, to understand the forces that started the universe.

What are these scientists hoping to achieve at CERN?

For one, they are testing Einstein’s famous theory E=Mc2 — and it turns out Einstein was right. They use the accelerator to create matter out of light, light out of light, create dark matter, anti-matter, and even microscopic black holes. Now they want to send matter back into the past. A kind of time machine.

What is the God Particle?

Scientists don’t like that term… they call it the Higgs Bosen, named after scientist Peter Higgs who first theorized it in 1964. It’s an elementary subatomic particle that gives mass to matter. The theory is that this particle is the fuse that started the big bang.

The universe — at least the universe that we live in… is like a giant bubble in space-time. The original explosion of matter from the big bang billions of years ago, is still expanding. All the galaxies and stars within our bubble are expanding outward, moving away from each other. And within our universe of universes that contain these bubbles — which may be infinite — is this god particle that got them all started. Ok — its hard enough to get your mind around the billions and billions of galaxies… let alone billions more of these bubble universes.

The discovery of the God Particle has opened the doorway to understanding creation itself — but is this an entirely good thing?

Stephen Hawking — didn’t think so and though recently deceased, he is arguably the greatest of physicist of our time. What was he so concerned about? Well, the Hadron Collider is generating such unbelievable amounts of energy that there is a danger that cracking it open may inadvertently create a “vacuum bubble”. Essentially, he is saying that because the universe is fundamentally unstable, with such tremendous force released by it, that space and time itself could collapse catastrophically on itself through something called “vacuum decay.”

We haven’t destroyed everything just yet or you and I would not be here to have this discussion, but the goal of the project is ambitious and yes — no doubt a bit dangerous.

The Director of the project Rolf Heuer has admitted that one of the key overall aims of CERN’s Hadron Collider is to open a portal to another dimension. This is the reason they are so intent upon recreating the conditions of the so-called “Big Bang.” And it is the reason they have worked so hard to double the power output. They believe in the existence of other parallel and alternative dimensions (physics dictates that there are at least eleven of them), and they believe that by increasing the colliders power output and recreating these conditions scientists can open a portal between the universes.

In his comments, Heuer stated his reasons for wanting to open this portal, “…When we open the door, something might come through it into our reality! Or, we might send something through it into their reality!”

This is one of those really big ideas that even if it doesn’t destroy the universe it can change everything… not just the technology we use in our everyday lives, but how we interact with the universe.

But is the risk worth the reward? And what does this project mean for our world and our future?

Here is my take…

Knowledge is the key to understanding, and the pursuit of knowledge is fundamental. It’s not only important.. it’s wired into us as being human. That is a good thing. Perhaps one of our best traits as human beings

The possibilities with the discoveries being conducted at CERN are endless and will have far reaching implications. But should we be cautious? Can this knowledge be used for evil? — of course it can. But that never stops the quest. And it certainly won’t with this project.

Generally speaking, all knowledge is benign. It’s the application of it that can be used for good or evil. Nobel’s discovery of dynamite is one such example — which is a useful tool, but can most certainly be used for evil. (in fact he felt so guilty about his discovery it was his personal motivation for creating the Noble prize). Just as it was with the splitting of the atom that ushered in the nuclear age, knowledge has led to amazing things and capabilities, but also may come with its inherent dangers.

This project. Discovering and exploiting the God Particle is different than any scientific quest ever attempted before in human history, because the very act of its discovery which is creation itself, — exposes the very engine that drives the universe and the power generated is so tremendous that it could pop our bubble so to speak. And then with the destruction of our universe, create another bubble universe out of it.

In all of human history there is no other example where the quest for knowledge would lead to a discovery so huge in potential and yet so catastrophic that in a blink of an eye — if it all goes wrong — could collapse the known universe and erase all of existence. Think about that for a moment.

So — what is our fate for the pursuit of this knowledge — at it’s fullest extent? This supremely powerful machine that’s capable of piercing the very fabric of the universe — that may end up in causing our destruction.

Well — I have contemplated this. It’s a really big idea, but there may be something even bigger to contemplate behind the curtain.

Let me get to that now.

If the universe is as rich and teaming with life as some think it is…I happen to be one that thinks that is exactly the case. And by the way billions of earth-like worlds probably do exist even in our own closed off bubble-universe. And if so there is life there and more than likely lifeforms vastly more evolved than human beings. Perhaps on distant worlds — galaxy’s away. Beings who have already discovered the God Particle. By the way, we will talk more about extraterrestrial lifeforms and how real that possibility actually is. It was a major focus of my company PSI TECHs research for more than 2 decades.

Anyway back to our problem of blowing up the universe. Assume that the universe is teeming with life… that the forces that created our world, and the ever-evolving consciousness we experience on Planet Earth has a zillion other consciousness-evolving experiments going on through-out the billions of galaxy’s spread across time and space. Do you think for one second that a race of beings evolved millions of years ahead of us, would allow talking monkeys to extinguish the universe with their cool science project? I don’t think so.

It’s not just earth and all its precious inhabitants that are at stake here. The unseen hands, guardians of the universe, overseers or whatever you want to call them, most certainly will not allow the children of earth to play with such fire without some oversight. That’s my take on it…

We humans are interesting and curious creatures. Our tendency is to push everything we do to its limits. to drive things to the brink, before we learn and grow. A lot of lessons we seem to have to relearn over and over. But this time is different. The ramifications are too great for a do-over… yet I am comforted with the belief that there are unseen hands that will guide us forward.

Remember the movie “CONTACT” with Jodie foster that came out in the late ’90s, where an alien race provides instructions to build a device that is able to travel to take a human passenger to a distant part of the universe via a transport system of wormholes. When the Jodie foster character arrives at her destination on a new world perhaps thousands of light years from earth…. She is greeted by an entity who takes the form of her deceased father… and he or “it” — recreates a childhood memory of a lovely beach scene in Pensacola Florida where they can meet and converse.

Its goosebump piece of movie making.

In the sequence — Jodie Foster asks her Dad about this amazing transport system of worm-holes and if he (meaning his race of beings) constructed it. The alien in the form of the Dad answers… No, we didn’t make it… and we don’t know who did…. Its always been here — for millions of years. And races like yours evolve and they come.

She wants to know and more… and he goes on to say.. this is only your first visit and in time, when you are ready you’ll come back.

The sequence ends with him saying — this is how it is with us all. All the races in the universe — take steps, make small moves, evolve and find their way.

Small moves.

This IS how it is, even with the biggest project ever attempted on Earth. We take small steps… we learn… we gain knowledge and we evolve to the next level.

So I toss the question back at you… what do you think? Do you think the God Particle will lead to the end of existence, or is it beginning of a new era of possibilities for our species?

Successfully yours,

Dane Spotts

Article By Dane Spotts | The God Particle 

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