by Dane Spotts

We live on an amazing planet. So much life. So many possibilities for learning and evolving. It truly is a garden of Eden with an open matrix for creation.

My personal mission or “life quest” as I call it… is to uncover optimum tools for personal evolution and mind development. I started my quest some 30 years ago inventing mind technologies for altering mind states, accelerating learning and changing the way we see our personal reality by re-scripting our core beliefs. A new mind (I discovered) really does allow one to experience a new world.

This led me in the 90’s to the acquisition of a formally top secret mind technology developed by the Pentagon known as Technical Remote Viewing (TRV). We teach it, and use its advanced applications for developing other exotic technologies, as well as tapping into future trajectories. Some pretty amazing things have emerged from this project even though we are still in the embryonic stages of what will become a revolution in understanding of our mind’s potential.

My primary interest in all this, is the evolution of consciousness and seeing how far we can develop as a species. Though we face challenges, I believe the human adventure is just beginning. 

It’s up to each of us to continue pioneering, and offering our unique individual skills to craft the best of all possible world’s for our children and our children’s children.

Will you join me on the “quest”


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“All of us possess a super-power that lies dormant within  – and once awakened will not only make life better but allow you to live your full potential and become your legacy.”

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Lumigenesis – Life Extension Using Light Frequencies To Turn Off Aging
Zygon Academy – Developing Extraordinary Future Minds
Matrix Research Group – Solving Really Big Problems

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"It takes a new mind to see a new world"
Dane Spotts
From the book "Super Brain Power"

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