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I'm Dane Spotts

There is a power (a superpower)  within each of us to heal our bodies and mind’s from any disease or illness. We just have not learned fully as humans how to activate this power. My life’s mission is to do exactly that. To teach &  empower others to take control of their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and use their God-given energy along with the right tools to heal their disease and illnesses.

How do I know this is possible? As a surgical nurse for 38 years, I witnessed the medical establishment firsthand and all the ignorance and harm caused by a paradigm that isn’t really about healing. The health care industry is really a “sick care” industry. A model that cuts (surgery), poisons (chemotherapy), and burns (radiation) our bodies to alter body processes and treat symptoms not cure disease, which often creates more harm. The entire model I came to discover is completely wrong, and I hope to help change it.
I witnessed surgeons amputating perfectly normal breasts from women who were told they had the BRACA (breast cancer) gene. Tears of sadness streamed down my face each time I walked these perfectly healthy surgically removed breasts from the O.R. to the specimen lab.

During my career, I participated in thousands of surgeries and I worked with my patients’ emotional states and was the conduit for their healing prior to their surgery. When they entered the operating room their tumor which was malignant, and about to be cut out, had disappeared. This is known as spontaneous healing. A medical miracle? Not really. They were just accessing the healing energy that we all possess, and I helped my patients channel it.

During the operation, the surgeon would say, “Jeanne check the CT scan and make sure you have the right name with the X-ray because I can’t find the tumor.” I knew for a fact that I had the correct scan because the standard O.R. nursing protocol was to check the patient’s ID band with the medical record number on the scan prior to their surgery. When I affirmed that the patient’s CT was correct the surgeon would say something like, “Well I can’t operate on a tumor that’s not there.” I saw this happen hundreds of times and I never revealed anything about my energy work.

 I discovered we don’t have to follow medical orthodoxy, or buy into the belief that taking prescription meds is the only solution to solving pain and suffering.

I retired from surgical nursing and now teach people the power of self-healing.  I do this through my Mastery of Self-Healing website, where I can teach you what I’ve learned and give you the tools and strategies to help you heal.

You really can become a healthier and happier you, by taking your power back and discovering what I discovered.

I have dedicated my life to researching the best strategies and methods for self-healing and it is my vision to replace the current “sick care” medical model with alternative and natural protocols that allow our amazing bodies to do what they do best – heal themselves.

Dane Spotts

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